MisterCorbi have a goal: to make the best espadrilles for men in the world at the best price. We think that a summer shoes should be comfortable, stylish, fashionable, appetising, and fresh. To wear them should be an experience, the feel that "summer has arrived" with its long days and warm temperatures... MisterCorbi believe that our men's espadrilles fit all those descriptions.

We have three men's espadrilles models : Halacords, Bagarines and Perchlings.

"Halacords" men's espadrilles are our premium product, made entirely by hand. They are the pure concept of espadrilles. 100% handmade entirely in the Mediterranean, with local and original products. 100% jute sole, double stitched, high and rounded instep for total elegance and a 100% cotton inner sole for superior comfort.

Our second men's espadrille model is the "Bagarine". In terms of quality of materials, design, and philosophy, everything is the same, but instead of being made entirely by hand, the manufacturing process is mechanized. They have also been modernized with a super flexible rubber sole, not the  purists' version of the espadrille, but it gives them greater resistance to water. They are also 100% natural and the price is really attractive.

And finally "Perchlings" which are models of men's espadrilles which follow design trends from elsewhere. Currently we make the "Oxford" and "Sneaker" models.

At MisterCorbi, we think it isn't easy to find a summer shoe for men that meets the characteristics of being good-looking, elegant, comfortable and reasonably priced that allows you have several models and replace them every summer. We believe that with our espadrilles we provide it.

MisterCorbis are made in Valencia on the Mediterranean, where the espadrilles were invented and developed. We respect the centuries old tradition that can never be equalled by some 'made in China' espadrilles.

All our workers receive fair wages and European working conditions. Our espadrilles are made by hand, with fully biological materials by workers performing a manual task that is passed on from generation to generation.

We'd like to thank all our customers from around the world for buying them, because in so doing they help keep this way of life going, respecting nature, local culture and lifestyles that we at MisterCorbi think should be respected and preserved.

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